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In the following pages are comments from people who have visited the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy and its principle homoeopath, Hardo Bottin.

Since I have been working with Hardo Bottin at the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy I have been on a personal journey. As a result of sharing this journey with Hardo, I have : achieved greater understanding of myself as an individual Been able to access and express my emotions and needs to others more easily Become more accepting of others and their actions, feeling less judgmental, and more compassionate. Recognised that what I had previously believed to be weaknesses within myself, are actually strengths.

Valerie R. Bridgewater SA

Homoeopathy has taken me on a journey of discovery about my own health. After treatment you feel enlightened, so sure about the process that has taken you to good health both mentally and physically. Homoeopathy cleared my mind of impurities. Consequently my physical symptoms disappeared. After treatment I feel more myself someone I really like and want to be. The level of care and determination shown to me to achieve my present well being is outstanding. Homoeopathy works so wonderfully well.Thank you Hardo

Andrew G Goolwa, SA

I will always be grateful to Hardo Bottin and classical Homoeopathy for doing what seemed at the time the impossible. I was diagnosed of having chronic psoriasis by some of the best specialists in Australia and France. After one year these great minds decided that it might, after all be eczema; still it did not make any difference to me. I scratched my self all day and night, my open sores often bleeding. My entire body was covered with a terrible purple rash which of course made me suffer greatly. This nightmare lasted two years, the doctors seemingly unable to do anything for me.

My treatment was worrying to me as I was having cortisone injections regularly which did not help! A friend urged me to see Mr Bottin. Never having experienced homoeopathic treatments I must admit to having some reservations. Mr Bottin was honest from our first session together and admitted that it was the worst case of eczema he had ever seen but promised that he would do his very best in helping me. It took a few weeks before I noticed a slight change and after just 3 months I was already much better. Mr Bottin was very helpful explaining each treatment to me and also in giving me support with a condition that was very hard to cope with.

And so with great love, care, patience and expertise from Mr Bottin I began to notice my skin healing until I was diagnosed - completely cured. I am now completely free of eczema and have been for the past 18 months.

If my condition had baffled the specialists and doctors, my cure has got them gasping even more! I recommend Hardo Bottin and the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy to all my friends now knowing first hand that he is a great homoeopath and also a good, dedicated compassionate man.

André A. (Age 67) Angle Vale

I met Hardo Bottin 8 years ago through a friend. At that time I was 36 years old, married with two children. My only wish in life was to find a way in which I could stop the pain that I had been feeling all my life. This pain made no sense though it was very real and very scary. I wanted quality of life if not for me, then for my girls not wanting to pass any negativity onto them. I conscientiously followed Hardo's guidance and homoeopathic medications. I worked hard at finding a way out of my fears, for this was my goal and I was absolutely determined to find happiness. Throughout the 7 years Hardo was always there for me, helping with each step that I made. It is hard to describe his total commitment, in a world where loyalty hardly exists his kindness and compassion seems to be unbelievable.

I am now 44, I have my own business and travel to many places throughout deserted places in the bush (not bad for someone who could not even go to the city by herself 7 years ago) I feel strong and in control only because I am strong and in control. I have huge ambitions now and face each fear now head on because I have no time for them, I have too much to do. Life has too much to offer, I can say now that I am happy, truly happy. Though Hardo won't let me give him the credit, I will say that if I had not seen him professionally - especially my visits to his clinic, the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy, I don't think I could have made it so far.

Hardo is a true professional in every respect. His dedication is admirable and my gratefulness will be everlasting towards him. Thank you from my heart.

Lucie O. Flagstaff Hill SA

I started seeing Hardo when my breast milk supply was low and my baby was only 3 months old. I wanted to use something natural to increase my supply so I chose Homoeopathy. After the first consultation I knew I'd chosen the right path. My milk flourished back and I fed my baby until she was over 12 months. Also during the process Hardo helped me find my trueself that had been lost in my life journey. I had become absorbed in my roles of wife and mother of two small children that I had neglected myself. Today my integrity and strength continues to grow as I journey through life. Hardo is incredibly supportive throughout my process and always offers his love and compassion unconditionally. It was only with his honesty, professionalism and infinite knowledge of homoeopathics that enabled me to get where I am today.

Elizabeth Ros. Mt Barker, SA.

I was diagnosed as having an extremely overactive thyroid 3 1/2 years ago by a medical practitioner exploring causes for my inability to become pregnant and extreme emotional states. The treatments offered concerned me because of their reported risks, radical nature and long term side effects (especially considering me and my partners desire for a baby).

The key to my decision in seeking Hardo Bottin and homoeopathy was because of my concerns that the medical treatments were simply masking or suppressing the physical symptoms but were not exploring what was causing my disease.

Hardo's comprehensive 1 1/2 hour appointments with a compassionate and caring environment challenged me to explore deeply seated issues affecting my well being with consideration of mental and emotional states as well as the physical.

I was importantly an active rather than passive participant in the process of regaining my optimal health level. The more deeply I explored issues and symptoms I had, the better Hardo was able to provide feedback, clarity and support through discussions and his remedies.

My Rewards

Thank you Hardo.

Kelley T. Aberfoyle Park, SA

I met Hardo about eleven years ago at a time when I felt very emotional and vulnerable after separating from my husband of nineteen years. He helped me enormously at that time to take a differnet view of life's problems. Since then Hardo has become a practising Homoeopath and I continue to maintain my valuable contact with him in the clinic. These sessions are always very powerful for me as we work together on my physical as well as my emotional well-beings. Hardo brings together his special gifts of working with people on their life-challenges as well as his homoeopathic knowledge - a special combination!

Hardo is a homoepath with a difference for those who are ready to have a life with a difference.

Thank you, Hardo.

Ellen Z. Frewville, SA.