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Clinic Pharmacy

Product Quantity Cost
First Aid Kit 21 Remedies (complete set) 21 Remedies (complete set) $145.00 + p&h
Nat. Brushes 1 brush $12.00 + p&h
2 brushes   $20.00 +. p&h
Colo Zone 100g (1 container) $49.00 + p&h

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Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy offers an expansive FIRST AID KIT for FAMILY and TRAVEL. It is beautifully presented in a thermal case and has the potential to be of use for many years. Twenty-one different remedies/medicines will cure most of our every day acute problems. Remember that this kit is not designed to replace the expertise of a professional classical homoeopath for thorough treatment. If the problems persist call our clinic on (08) 8188 1008 or your nearest classical homoeopath.

This kit will be available with a full instruction booklet. Available now is a one day Homoeopathic First Aid course. Click here for more details.

Costs: Complete Set (21 remedies) $145.00 plus p&h

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Natural Body Brushes

This natural fibre body brush is available from the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy. Due to great demand for such a durable brush in our clinic, it was decided to make it available via the net.

The benefits are numerous and even though at first a little rough (just brush gently) it will in time become softer and softer and you will be able to enjoy the brush for many years.

As it is made from coconut fibres it can be used dry or wet (showers/sauna) without loosing its effectiveness.

Brushing your body's biggest organ, the skin, daily in circular motions will help clean your skins pores, invigorate and heighten your sense of well-being

Costs: 1 Brush $12.00 plus p&h : 2 Brushes $20.00 plus p&h

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Colo Zone - an intestinal spring clean

This product has proven its effectivness for many years and is available from the Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy.

In order to embark on a successful journey towards better health using Classical Homoeopathy it is suggested to clean your organs of elimination. This is done to avoid retoxification after each homoeopathic consultation. Only one program is needed to effect this spring clean.

For further information about this product please refer to the Colo Zone article on the site

Costs: One container of 100g $49.00 plus. p&h

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