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COLO ZONE an intestinal spring clean

It is often said that all disease begins in the colon. A brief conversation with any coroner would confirm this. They will tell you that a person's colon is often impacted to the point where the passage way is occluded by more than 80%. The colon, which is easily accessed, has relatively smooth walls and is primarily an organ of elimination rather than an organ of assimilation.

More important are the intestines. The inside of the intestines have been designed by nature to have the maximum amount of surface area. The inside of the intestine can be likened to a shag rug or cave with thousands of fingers sticking up like stalagmites or stalactites. These villi get pasted down with muck that inhibits the absorption of nutrients through the epithelial cells. The body, in an attempt to protect itself from being poisoned by the muck, continuously wraps these materials in mucus, adding further to the build up.

Digestion is known to be a process of OXIDATION. By introducing OXYGEN and OZONE into the colon, one can assist this process, as well as OXIDISING THE UNDIGESTED material into CO2 and WATER.

The gentle oxidising action of Colo Zone can be contrasted with three other forms of laxative. Drug based diuretics are common and contain addictive substances. Herbal laxatives most frequently use some form of chemical irritant. At this point the body has recognised that it is being poisoned and purges itself of fluid in order to rid the digestive tract of toxin, thereby bringing the stool out on the liquid medium that the body is excreting. Both of these methods drain the body of fluid and although may be effective at clearing the eliminatory tracts, drain the body of water and in that respect do not contribute to good health. Fibre type laxatives taken to maintain regularity, extrude the built up matters in much the same way that a plunger in a plastic injection mould machine would push and force the matter out. This is a violent excretion and does not compare well to the oxygen based intestinal and colon cleaners, which complement the body's natural method of digestion and elimination. An analogy would be to run a squeegee across a muddy carpet compared to shampooing it.

For this reason, COLO ZONE is a CATHARTIC. It is not unusual to have liquid stools during the use of COLO ZONE, this is a sign the the product is WORKING.

The use of Colo Zone has an interesting impact on the behaviour in that, there are glands in your brain that regulate your bodily function. If the villi of the intestines are pasted down with putrefaction the body is reabsorbing toxins, rather than engaging in its primary function of assimilating nutrients from the food. The glands in your brain then get a deficiency and toxicity message and accordingly tell you body what to do. The result is craving, obsessive and aggressive behaviour and irritability.

Users of Colo Zone frequently report a feeling of calmness and well being in addition to weight loss, decreased appetites and cravings, and an increased attention span.

These are common anecdotal reactions rather than clinical reportings and should not be put forth as claims. Anyone who enjoys the use of Colo Zone can share this experience with others. Everyone could benefit by using Colo Zone. It is square one where any oxygenation regimen is concerned. By cleaning out the intestines and the colon, one will have an increased efficiency and a better appreciation of the oxygenation modalities

Colo Zone can be used in order to prevent any type of healing crisis or detox reaction that persons undertaking a cleansing regimen will frequently encounter. Anyone versed in natural therapies is usually familiar with these occurrences and pleased to learn of a sure fire remedy. These incidences stem from attempting to clean out the body before the organs of elimination have been cleaned. This results in a backup of wastes through the skin and can results in feelings of nausea, headaches, tiredness or pain in the liver or kidneys.

By cleansing the organs of elimination through the use of Colo Zone, one can avoid detox reactions associated with the use of things such as stabilised oxygen, herbal cleanse programs, hydrogen peroxide or any of the other regimens that are practiced for that purpose. Many colon therapists realising the difference in surface area between the intestines and knowing the colon and the importance of having a cleaner digestive tract, give their patients Colo Zone when they come for a colonic. That way you have the additional benefits of cleaning the shag rug of the intestines and the colon at the same time.

For maximum nutrient uptake, a flatter tummy and a clean aerobic feeling...

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COLO ZONE an intestinal spring clean

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