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Classical Homoeopathy is a complete scientific model of medicine. It is designed to take a person on a journey towards better health on the mental, emotional, and physical plane.

The Sunflower Clinic of Classical Homoeopathy gives attention first to the mental and emotional symptoms followed by the physical symptoms. (Please refer to the article "
Thought is Creative" on this web site). This relates primarily to chronic, constitutional health problems (asthma, allergies, depression etc) which differ from acute, everyday illness like cold & flu etc.

The clinic is situated just outside Hahndorf on a beautiful 10 acre property. The primary object of our clinic is to provide a complementary health service to orthodox medicine.

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Homoeopathy has the potential to successfully treat or manage many imbalances be it on the mental, emotional or physical levels such as:

For further information please contact the clinic on (08) 81881008 or email:

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